Thursday, April 28, 2011

I Heart Shea Butter

I wanted to share a natural multipurpose beauty product that I think everyone should use, and I'm sure a lot of you already do. The product is my beloved Shea butter.

Shea butter comes from the nut of  the African Shea tree. It is extracted from the nut by crushing it then boiling it. Shea comes in 5 grades, including its most purest form grade A, which I use, through to Grade E. Grade A retains the most nutrients.

I use Shea butter for everything from moisturizing my face and body to putting it on my toddler's bumps and bruises. I have sensitive skin and my face is getting dryer (Thank you 30's). I've tried heavy wrinkle specific creams but they break me out. Shea butter is heavy, but my skin stays free from blemishes. Shea butter also leaves a lovely dewy sheen on your face. Because the sheen acts as a light reflector and seems to hide my imperfections, sometimes I wear it alone without make up. The best part of all. it is extremely cheap. I get a huge 1 lb tub of it for $5.99 at my local supermarket.


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What We Wore: The Spring Time Dilemma

Suzanne and Alan, you can't fake cool
I love spring. I welcome spring. I embrace spring. Ahhh, but even so, springtime fashion can so often leave me cold.  Or more accurately, it poses a dilemma: How, just how, can I embrace the blossoming colors and spirit of spring without donning pastels? I mean, some people are very well suited for light pinks and mellow yellows.  But alas my coloring and temperament are not.  So what’s a girl to do? Well, lucky for me I can draw inspiration from my friends... 
Kia, easy, breezy, beautiful! 
Through no prompting of mine, Kia and my good friends Suzanne and Alan all showed up to hang out this past Friday fashionably attired in fresh, non-pastel, spring wear. Now, I’m going to get a little poetic and even cheesy with my language here and say in their cool gray, tan, brown, and blue earth tones my friends embody the breeziness of spring. The pop of orange offered by Kia’s cardigan, the cranberry detailing of Alan’s sweater, and the playful textured tights and red scarf of Suzanne’s remind me of those simple and beautiful quintessential spring flowers, tulips.  Nicely played, my friends, nicely played.


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Do It Yourself: Jewelry Storage

I’m a little late to the “Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle" lifestyle. I am now making a concerted effort to reuse more, and create less waste.  I’ve had my eye on a jewelry tree from Urban Outfitters , but I decided to make jewelry storage rather than buy one.

I decided to give crafting a try. I took a framed print that was just collecting dust in my house, and some mirror hanging rods that I bought when I was furnishing my house, and I randomly pierced the rods into the print.  This is the result.....

Print of the Mona Lisa 



Monday, April 11, 2011

What Wee Wore: Zoe and Ashley

One of the recurring categories of posts we will be sharing is children and the fashions they love, under the title of "What Wee Wore."(If you would like to highlight your child and her/his fashion choices, please let us know). My lovely nieces, Zoe and Ashley, and gracious sister-in-law, Kelly, teamed up to bring us our first installment. For this post I emailed questions to Zoe, who is practising her awesome writing and emailing skills, and asked clothing questions of her and Ashley. She delighted me with her answers, which appear below. I asked Kelly, of, to also include a photo of the girls in their favorite outfits, and here it  is! Adorable, I know!(notice the high resolution? Kia, we need better cameras ASAP!!!) Keeping with our interest in sustainable and affordable fashions, Kelly also took it upon herself to expand the post and include a write up of the origins of the girls clothes. Thank you, and enjoy!!!!

Zoe and Ashley's Fashion Fun, typed by Zoe

Zoe's Style:
1. What is your favorite color to wear? Why? 
yellow (it's my favorite color!)

2. What is your favorite outfit? Can you describe it to me? What about it do you like?
I love my yellow sun dress with flowers on it and my yellow high sweater I like it because it reminds me about summer (my birthday!)
3. Do you dress like your friends? If you do, do you guys wear?
some times and when I do it's hip hop
4. What is your favorite dress up outfit? Why??? What do you play in it?
my cinderella dress, because that is my favorite movie and I play Queen of the Brozyna kingdom
5. Do you wear jewelry? Can you tell me what is your favorite piece to wear?
yes! I like necklaces my favorite one is glow in the dark hearts and stars
6. How do you pick what outfit you're going to wear for your day?
well it depends on the weather or  if  I don't  know  the  weather I just wear a t-shirt and pants.

Ashley's Style:

1. What is your favorite color?
2. Do you like dresses or pants?
3. What is your favorite outfit? 
a bathing suit 
4. What are your favorite shoes?
flip flops

Commentary by Their Mom, Kelly: 
Zoe (8 years old) and Ashley (6 years old) are proud to wear clothes given to them by their best friend, Abi. Abi is two years older than Zoe, and her mom, Tori is also a friend of mine. Tori has been donating Abi's old clothes to Zoe and Ashley for two years now. It's like Christmas when Abi and Tori bring over a bag of clothes—so fun! In this photo Zoe is wearing a skirt from Abi, and Ashley is wearing jeans from Abi. Zoe's pink glitter purse is also from Abi. Love, Kelly

Thank you to Ashley, Zoe, and Kelly for a wonderful "What Wee Wore"!       *Marcie*

Friday, April 8, 2011

Hello my name is Kia, and I'm a Mom In Love with Fashion

We would like to showcase a Mom In Love with Fashion regulary. If you're interested send a pic to

     I had my 1st baby two years ago. Before I got pregnant I loved clothes. During my pregnancy I got into a funk. I had a case of the 1st pregnancy jitters. I was anxiety provoked until I saw the baby take her 1st breath- Yeah, I was that girl.  So needless to say, I didn’t celebrate my pregnancy with great clothes. Two years ago I was blessed with a beautiful baby girl, and I decided to reclaim my former fashionable identity.

  Luckily I went back to my trademark look for work, which include a Victoria Secret Christie fit and flared leg pant in stretch cotton, a frilly blouse, and a cardigan. The shoes are usually wedges or a 2 ½ inch kitten heel and that completes my look.


Thursday, April 7, 2011

Galoshes Galore!

"When the Herring Fleet Comes to Yarmouth," pg 241 National Geographic Magazine, April 1934
       I am a woman with several, usually benign addictions, including murder mysteries from the 1920'a and 30's, a desire to lay my hands on as many "vintage" items as possible, a passion for history, and a love of shoes. Several years ago while at my local library, I saw a HUGE pile of National Geographics, dating as far back as 1932, up for sale. At twenty-five cents apiece, I couldn't resist owning as many pieces of history as I could carry. Much to the amazement of the librarian, I walked home with forty-four magazines. In addition to fascinating stories of exploration the world over, these pages also contain fashions both charming and bizarre from other lands and other times. I am very excited to put my addiction to good use and share these images with you!
      I was drawn to this particular image of women in a fishing town because of their footwear. That's right, these gals are rocking galoshes! Of course in the 1930’s ladies were far more limited in their choices for water proofed foot coverings. But these ladies refuse to be deterred; they’re waiting for the men to bring home the herring, and they're gonna knit and sit in their big rubber boots until the boats come in!
      Of course these days galoshes have gone beyond pure function and are now quite cute. I was tooling around the Internet searching for some unique styles,  but it seems there were more available in the fall than currently. But, canvas your neighborhood thrift stores and I bet you can find some classic looks.  If you are inclined to buy new, L.L.Bean actually has some cute options.  And remember, L.L.Bean shoes scream, “I’m classic and into both form and function. I am confident in my ability to rock these footwear pieces once reserved for women living in costal towns or heavily wooded areas.  I am an old-timie kind of gal, and I like it.” *Marcie*

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

What We Wore

Hello all! Once a week Kia and I will be posting pics of some of the favorite outfits we own. We are now in the first week of April, and I think these early spring days can be a bit tough to maneuver fashion-wise. Reason being, it's certainly time to break free from subdued hues and cozy winter layers; it's time to try something lighter and brighter, but it's still so cold! Here are some options to help usher in spring in style and warmth.

On Kia: 
What I like best about Kia's outfit here is the bright green skirt. If sassy skirt could talk it would say, "yo spring, how you doin'?!" and then it would wink. The knee length is very work appropriate, the color, a very welcome post-winter sight, and the corduroy fabric is perfect for the still cool temperatures. Kia's pairing of the simple light brown cardigan with the ruffled cream top keeps her toasty while adding pop. And the slight silver band in the camel colored flats has the same effect. I believe she told me they were from Aldo. Nicely played, Kia, nicely played.

On Marcie: 
Not wanting to waste freshly shaved legs, I too opted for a skirt. I had only worn this cotton/wool plaid skirt a couple of times this winter, so I decided to give it some time in the sun before it goes away for the season. As I had popped a button off the bottom front of the skirt last year, and so had to move the rest of buttons around for comfort this year, I wanted to  put out a reminder that sometimes even nice clothes need a little alteration for the individual wearer. The skirt and top are both from the SALE section of the Anthropologie in  Rittenhouse Square. For warmth and a nod to my country roots, I opted for the Frye Carson Boots.

Spring Tips:
  • Why not try try a cardigan over a cute textured top? 
  • Go for a pop of color
  • For warmth continue to wear those boots. They're not just for fall and winter.
  • For big shoe purchases try Amazon or Zappos for deals. Your selection may be less but so will the price!!!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

My Flare Love Affair

   I like most Americans am a lover of jeans. I once lovvvvved designer jeans, but since having a baby my body has changed. I have also changed the way I want to spend my discretionary income. Designer denim has spoiled me though. I now demand a certain feel, and fit to my jeans. They have to fit snug, yet not be stiff. The denim has to be good quality, aka more denim less spandex. Lastly I need a nice dark luxe color. Luckily, there are lots of choices for denim lovers now. My favorite at the moment are, surprise, surprise, Ann Taylor Loft flared leg jeans. They feel so good, and fit like a glove.

   One cut I avoid like the plague- Skinnies. I don’t think they are very flattering on me at all. My favorite cut is flared leg. I have a big arse, a Kardashian, a J lo, a Janet Jackson circa pleasure principle, hehehe.I also have baseball sticks for legs, so I look like a chicken in skinny jeans. And please don’t think I hate my body. I appreciate my curves, but I'm a realist, and I dress for the body I have. That’s why I love flares. My signature look is dark flared leg denim because it is always looks polished. You can dress it up or down. With my dark washed flares I look long and lean. They are the bees knees.


Foundation Found! Makeup Review

I am a makeup junkie. I love to try new things. I am currently searching for new foundation, but I don’t want to pay my usual $32 for MAC face and body. I thought I would try to newish drug store brands Revlon photo finish $13.99 in cappuccino and Maybelline Fit $9.99 in 355.

I like both brands for different reasons. The Revlon comes with a pump has light reflecting particles it gives medium to full coverage. I think the make up looks seamless on me. It does not last all day, but that’s okay I just have to do a touchup in the afternoon.

I think Maybelline fit is great because it is medium coverage it feels like silicone going on my face, it provides good coverage, and the skin color match is good.

Verdict : I like both. They are going in my rotation. I have been using them both about 3 weeks and I have not broken out. I have acne prone skin so it doesn't take much for that to happen.  I’m happen with the price and the look of each brand on my skin.