Monday, April 11, 2011

What Wee Wore: Zoe and Ashley

One of the recurring categories of posts we will be sharing is children and the fashions they love, under the title of "What Wee Wore."(If you would like to highlight your child and her/his fashion choices, please let us know). My lovely nieces, Zoe and Ashley, and gracious sister-in-law, Kelly, teamed up to bring us our first installment. For this post I emailed questions to Zoe, who is practising her awesome writing and emailing skills, and asked clothing questions of her and Ashley. She delighted me with her answers, which appear below. I asked Kelly, of, to also include a photo of the girls in their favorite outfits, and here it  is! Adorable, I know!(notice the high resolution? Kia, we need better cameras ASAP!!!) Keeping with our interest in sustainable and affordable fashions, Kelly also took it upon herself to expand the post and include a write up of the origins of the girls clothes. Thank you, and enjoy!!!!

Zoe and Ashley's Fashion Fun, typed by Zoe

Zoe's Style:
1. What is your favorite color to wear? Why? 
yellow (it's my favorite color!)

2. What is your favorite outfit? Can you describe it to me? What about it do you like?
I love my yellow sun dress with flowers on it and my yellow high sweater I like it because it reminds me about summer (my birthday!)
3. Do you dress like your friends? If you do, do you guys wear?
some times and when I do it's hip hop
4. What is your favorite dress up outfit? Why??? What do you play in it?
my cinderella dress, because that is my favorite movie and I play Queen of the Brozyna kingdom
5. Do you wear jewelry? Can you tell me what is your favorite piece to wear?
yes! I like necklaces my favorite one is glow in the dark hearts and stars
6. How do you pick what outfit you're going to wear for your day?
well it depends on the weather or  if  I don't  know  the  weather I just wear a t-shirt and pants.

Ashley's Style:

1. What is your favorite color?
2. Do you like dresses or pants?
3. What is your favorite outfit? 
a bathing suit 
4. What are your favorite shoes?
flip flops

Commentary by Their Mom, Kelly: 
Zoe (8 years old) and Ashley (6 years old) are proud to wear clothes given to them by their best friend, Abi. Abi is two years older than Zoe, and her mom, Tori is also a friend of mine. Tori has been donating Abi's old clothes to Zoe and Ashley for two years now. It's like Christmas when Abi and Tori bring over a bag of clothes—so fun! In this photo Zoe is wearing a skirt from Abi, and Ashley is wearing jeans from Abi. Zoe's pink glitter purse is also from Abi. Love, Kelly

Thank you to Ashley, Zoe, and Kelly for a wonderful "What Wee Wore"!       *Marcie*


  1. The girls are adorable and they are not only wearing stylish clothes, but they have better haircuts than me. I love your styles girls. Cute and age appropriate.

  2. Thank you! They are super cute and sweet, aren't they?! My sister-in law actually cuts their hair herself!