About Melissa

In a previous life I was an investment banker working in London. Nowadays I spend most of my time studying organic chemistry and drinking heaps of coffee Washington Square West-side in preparation for med school next fall. I’m relatively new to Philly, so I’m looking forward to learning about all the cool stuff to do around here. I grew up in Bucks County, where Marcie and I met as junior high school students. Life has only improved for me since then, partly due to Marcie being in my life, partly due to getting through puberty. I have an enlarged sense of awe for someone my age. Really, I’m just happy to be alive. All the other cool stuff I get to do (train as a doctor, go skiing) is icing on the cake. Things I love: elegant solutions to life’s problems, laughing with my friends, running on the beach, and dancing. God I love to dance. Things I strongly dislike: when people don’t get excited about food, or say they would rather eat all meals in pill form – that kinda makes my head explode.