About Marcie

Physically, emotionally, and spiritually, I’ve had some real struggles in my young life. Though I wasn’t aware of it in these terms, I genuinely had difficulty integrating all aspects of my life so I could be a whole and healthy person. Through love and support, study, reflection, and action I’ve been learning to embrace what it means to be(come) fully me. Over the last decade or so, in an effort for congruency and authenticity I embarked on a journey to align my lifestyle with my evolving values.
As a chaplain who is also trying to regain my identity as visual artist, I have an keen interest in the relationship between aesthetics and spirituality, permanence and loss, health and beauty, poignancy in sorrow and joy, tears and heart beats, and the interconnectedness of all life (with all other life and with God). These themes can be extremely broad, but I see them enacted daily in small ways. When I look at the little things I see the world is full of great people doing great things- people who are having fun, living their best lives, and using their talents and resources to help others. Many thanks to my dear friend Melissa and to all those who read for exploring this with me!