Tuesday, April 5, 2011

What We Wore

Hello all! Once a week Kia and I will be posting pics of some of the favorite outfits we own. We are now in the first week of April, and I think these early spring days can be a bit tough to maneuver fashion-wise. Reason being, it's certainly time to break free from subdued hues and cozy winter layers; it's time to try something lighter and brighter, but it's still so cold! Here are some options to help usher in spring in style and warmth.

On Kia: 
What I like best about Kia's outfit here is the bright green skirt. If sassy skirt could talk it would say, "yo spring, how you doin'?!" and then it would wink. The knee length is very work appropriate, the color, a very welcome post-winter sight, and the corduroy fabric is perfect for the still cool temperatures. Kia's pairing of the simple light brown cardigan with the ruffled cream top keeps her toasty while adding pop. And the slight silver band in the camel colored flats has the same effect. I believe she told me they were from Aldo. Nicely played, Kia, nicely played.

On Marcie: 
Not wanting to waste freshly shaved legs, I too opted for a skirt. I had only worn this cotton/wool plaid skirt a couple of times this winter, so I decided to give it some time in the sun before it goes away for the season. As I had popped a button off the bottom front of the skirt last year, and so had to move the rest of buttons around for comfort this year, I wanted to  put out a reminder that sometimes even nice clothes need a little alteration for the individual wearer. The skirt and top are both from the SALE section of the Anthropologie in  Rittenhouse Square. For warmth and a nod to my country roots, I opted for the Frye Carson Boots.

Spring Tips:
  • Why not try try a cardigan over a cute textured top? 
  • Go for a pop of color
  • For warmth continue to wear those boots. They're not just for fall and winter.
  • For big shoe purchases try Amazon or Zappos for deals. Your selection may be less but so will the price!!!!

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