Thursday, April 7, 2011

Galoshes Galore!

"When the Herring Fleet Comes to Yarmouth," pg 241 National Geographic Magazine, April 1934
       I am a woman with several, usually benign addictions, including murder mysteries from the 1920'a and 30's, a desire to lay my hands on as many "vintage" items as possible, a passion for history, and a love of shoes. Several years ago while at my local library, I saw a HUGE pile of National Geographics, dating as far back as 1932, up for sale. At twenty-five cents apiece, I couldn't resist owning as many pieces of history as I could carry. Much to the amazement of the librarian, I walked home with forty-four magazines. In addition to fascinating stories of exploration the world over, these pages also contain fashions both charming and bizarre from other lands and other times. I am very excited to put my addiction to good use and share these images with you!
      I was drawn to this particular image of women in a fishing town because of their footwear. That's right, these gals are rocking galoshes! Of course in the 1930’s ladies were far more limited in their choices for water proofed foot coverings. But these ladies refuse to be deterred; they’re waiting for the men to bring home the herring, and they're gonna knit and sit in their big rubber boots until the boats come in!
      Of course these days galoshes have gone beyond pure function and are now quite cute. I was tooling around the Internet searching for some unique styles,  but it seems there were more available in the fall than currently. But, canvas your neighborhood thrift stores and I bet you can find some classic looks.  If you are inclined to buy new, L.L.Bean actually has some cute options.  And remember, L.L.Bean shoes scream, “I’m classic and into both form and function. I am confident in my ability to rock these footwear pieces once reserved for women living in costal towns or heavily wooded areas.  I am an old-timie kind of gal, and I like it.” *Marcie*

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