Sunday, October 30, 2011

No Toddlers in Tiaras here! A Sweet Dorothy Costume!

Photography by Caitlin Domanico, LLC

"There's no place..." you can turn without hearing or seeing discussions about how inappropriately sexy or violent children's costumes are becoming.  With the help of trusted adults children have to learn to find a safe and secure place for themselves in a society that often exploits. However, I think many of us inadvertently push children into this world, which is way more grown up than they can handle, because we think they look "cute" or "funny" posing as "sexy" or "macho" little adults. 
    That's one of the reasons I really like my friend Caitlin's "Dorothy" costume her lovely and spunky daughter, Ava. Little Ava looks sweet, adorable, and not too dolled up or grown up :) She's comfortable, classic, and herself. In being Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, Ava is embodying a young girl who had an amazing adventure; who was brave, strong, intelligent, and caring. If your interested in seeing more costumes based on extraordinary women in literature, art, history, and science, check out the website Take Back Halloween. You'll see great costumes and learn about incredible women! 

Also, you still have a few hours to enter Caitlin's Halloween costume contest!  Caitlin Domanico was recently voted Philly's best children's photographer. Check out and enter this contest ASAP!!!!!!  


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