Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Magic Last Minute Locals to Help You Look Freaky and Frightful for Less!!

Past and Present 7224 Germantown Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19119
So with Halloween fast approaching I’m busting out all my magic to try and get all the freaky and fabulous Halloween posts up! With whatever you’ve decided to be (I’m a witch, hence my “magic” reference) here are some great stores where you can still get accessories, fabric, or full costumes for you haunted Halloween needs. 

    Up first, Past and Present...
 Jenn's lookin' good in vintage red!

To begin with, I’d like to highlight the shop Past and Present, located at 7224 Germantown Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19119. Located in my part of Philly, the town of Mount Airy, I was nothing but pleased with this vintage store. In the front there is a myriad of old hats, shoes, purses, clothing, and costumes ranging from about $10 dollars to $40. There’s also traditional and inexpressive Halloween accessories, wigs, spider rings, brooms, fake teeth, etc. 
Past and Present rental room, items now for sale!
that's hot
The real glorious treasure of this store, tucked away in the back, is its rental room. This place has been in business almost thirty years, and they have costumes to prove it.  Authentic sailor suites, prairie girl dresses, Native American garb, suits, slips, scarves, sixties dresses, everything you can imagine! Once upon a time they were for rent. Now, they are actually for sale. Sadly this establishment is set to close forever shortly after Halloween, so run to Past and Present NOW for beautiful and unique costumes!!!!

And now on to the Jomar Stores...
No need to be blue, Jomar has the costume for you!

Another great option for accessories or for complete costumes, or if you’re doing it from scratch, for glorious fabric, are the JOMARStores. Merchandise varies store by store, and the one closest to me on Easton Rd, unfortunately doesn’t have fabric, but overall these stores are awesome! The fabric at the rest of the stores is excellently priced and unique, and the textiles are my favorite part of these establishments! There are six locations in and around Philadelphia, and you can get deals on costumes from places like K-mart that didn’t sell last year and have since landed in the Jomar racks. In their home goods section you’ll also find great Halloween and fall decorations. As far as non-costume clothing goes, if you dig you can find some chic gems on the cheap! Also, Jomar is having a monthly photo costume where you can submit pics of you in items purchased from the store and enter to win an Ipad or $200! Plus there's winners every week. I haven't entered yet, but I certainly will! 

          * Marcie 

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