Wednesday, October 19, 2011

HaLLoOWeEN!!!! WhAt HavE YOu WOrn?!

Hillary{the watermelon}, Jessica {the fortune teller}, and Andrea and Kelly {the scarecrows}
  Well my friends, Halloween is closing in on us faster than the headless horseman upon the Sleepy Hallow Bridge {be warned, this is not the first cheesy or cliche reference in this post}. Fear not, at least aspect of this season of spooky merriment doesn't have to have you shaking in your boots ~ figuring out your costumes! This should be fun and easy breezy, people! Alas, like so many things in today's society Halloween costume choosing and execution can be extremely competitive, stressful, or even worse, just plain boring.
   But, it doesn't have to be that way! There are so many great options, from classic costumes to eccentric ensembles! Young and old can find great get-ups from thrift stores and vintage shops, from friends, and from your own imagination! The next few weeks Kia and I will be posting pics of awesome Halloween costumes from Halloweens past and present, and we're asking you to send in pictures of your best costumes! I'm proud to post the first submitted picture!
   This family is made-up of four exuberant and creative gals, Hillary, Jessica, Andrea, and Kelly {as pictured above}, and is headed by an awesome Ma and Pa. Ma, Diana, loves Halloween, and loved putting together costumes when her girls were little! "That was a banner Halloween year! The scarecrow outfits and the watermelon slice were homemade costumes that were given to me by friends. Jessica was a 'gypsy' or to be more PC, a 'fortune teller'...she was wearing my skirt, a blouse she had, I bought a length of lace fabric that was on clearance for her shawl, and a scarf for her head. The makeup was bought from McCrory's {a five and dime}. We never bought a costume, we always made our costumes or got costumes passed on to us. It was fun making costumes out of seemingly nothing!!!" So get inspired my friends, and show us what you got!


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  1. Marcie, Your post writing is delightful. I'm so entertained and loving it!