Saturday, October 29, 2011

Second-Hand Costumes for Kids, Lookin' Anything But Shabby!

Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, and the Bee, too(!)  having fun at the "Pooh Tree" of Peace Valley Park 

As I’ve said, I’m very proud to have such a multitude of creative friends. For this post I give my thanks to one of my best high school girlfriends, Mary. She's allowed me to showcase her talent for saving the big bucks as she turns her kids into big bears {and bees, and tigers!}
       Mary is a true thrift store maven.  When her gang of little men decided they wanted to be characters from Winnie the Pooh this Halloween, she packed the kids in the car in search of great deals to make her guys fit for Hundred Acre Woods. Her oldest found an adorable Pooh costume, complete with a big ole honey belly, at the Salvation Army for a very agreeable $13. Her youngest also scored big with a bumblebee costume for $8 dollars. I like how Mary felt free to branch out from the original Pooh characters, but still found a costume that was related to the Pooh theme!
Her biggest Halloween score came from the Care and Share Thrift Shop in Souderton Pa. Now this particular thrift shop was an absolute favorite of my group of girlfriends, Mary, Bethany, Hannah, and my sister, Tegan.  With five shops in one complex, this thrift-store has tons of choices and excellent prices, and all the proceeds to help fund the very worthy projects of the Mennonite Central Committee!  For one dollar Mary’s middlest little man got himself a totally awesome tiger costume. Together, Mary's band of merry men make the cutest Pooh Bear, Tigger, and Honey Bee I’ve ever seen! 


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  1. 1. Love Mary and her boys.
    2. Love Care N Share.
    3. Love the Pooh Tree!!!!!!!! Perfect!