Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween is a time to shine for moms with BA's in ART!

Charlie as Boba Fett and Lucy as an Elmo Princess, 2011

Kristen, Charlie, and Lucy 2010
Halloween is over, but I still want to showcase some of my favorite costumes from this year {I've tucked away a few for next years entries, too}. So, you don't need an art degree to create costumes like this, but it helps! Once you take a look at the adorable costumes made by my friend Kristen, I think you'll agree! Back in College Kristen and I took a wearable art class, where the human body became the "canvas" and fabric, the "paint." 

Charlie, as Thomas the Tank Engine, 2008
When I saw the quality and variety of the costumes Kristen made for her children, Charlie and Lucy, my mind went back to our times scouring the campus for unusual materials and bursts of inspiration {of course, back then our projects were more avant garde}. Take a look at these outfits, all, save for Batman, made by Kristen. Let them help inspire you for next year! Thank you, Kristen, and enjoy!

Charlie as the family dog,  Breezer, 2007
Lucy as a cupcake, 2010


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