Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween Party Time!

Robot Ben H. proud winner of the night's costume contest
The other week friends of ours, Jenn and Dominic, hosted a Halloween party, complete with costumes, tasty treats, mauled cider, and a trip to the State Penitentiary. Now, as I do love Halloween, but do not enjoy being frightened I had no plans on joining the party into the bowels of the prison. Ah, but things seldom go as planned {but more on that later…}

Jenn, the hostess with the mostest
Earlier in the week I acquired an 80’s jazzy jazz witch top at Past and Present in Mount Airy, which I coupled with black stretchy pants, a classic witch hat, and a wee little broom.  Jenn was keeping her costume a surprise. And when my boyfriend, Ben (who wore IN-Security guard jacket of his own creation ;) arrived at the fete, we discovered Jenn had created a cute and appropriately creepy baby-doll persona. 
Dominic's so scary, I want my mummy!

Her dress was a carefully chosen secondhand little number. Her boyfriend Dominic donned a homemade mummy costume, constructed out of long-johns and ripped cloth. 

Jake's Lederhosen made with love, by Grams!
I was quite fond of the costume worn by Jake,an absolutely lovely lederhosen sewn decades ago by his grandmother. Apparently it was not leather, but one of the first pleather incarnations! Hats off to Grandma because anyone who sews knows what a pain working in pleathure can be!

PCOM partygoers! 
Naturally this party had a costume contest, which brings me to the most creative costume of all, the robot by Ben H {pictured at top}. Inspired by LCD Sound System’s video for Home (video is great, but not suitable for young kids), Ben constructed this costume from cardboard, venting, duct-tape, and silver spray-paint. It was an industrial masterpiece, in which he managed to do everything, from dancing to traversing the haunted halls of the Penitentiary.  The only thing he couldn’t do was sit….
dance dance party party

 By the time I took the picture at the top the haunted halls had taken their toll, and  our robot friend showed some signs of wear and tare. But, as you can see even in this condition, R2D2 and Johnny Five would still be proud! Both at the party and in the prison Robot Ben, seen to your right -------->
busting a move, was quite the hit! 

Then this party moved our costumed behinds to the Penitentiary... {more to come...}

Mr. "In-Security" and I


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