Friday, November 11, 2011

Warning! This Wardrobe Malfunction could happen to YOU! Yes You!

     Last week I went to visit my brother, sister  in-law, and three fabulous nieces, and I had a spectacular time! But this post isn't about that (those posts will fallow :) This post an urgent Public Service Announcement: 

When wearing lace-up boots tie laces through all "eyelets"! I repeat, tie laces around all eyelets (or hooks)! 

    Heading to Ben's from the airport I failed to do so; I wanted to be all casual and cool. Big mistake! As I merrily stepped along in my MOMA boots (usually big bucks but purchased at Platos Closet for $35 dollars ;) and pulling my suitcase behind me, I reached Ben's charming little street and quickened my pace. And then, whoooooosh! Suddenly I was flying through the air. As I was hurling through space in a state of horror my mind cried out, "why?" as my mouth cried out, "AHHHHHHH!" Moments later my face and hands were crashing into the pavement and my Sigg bottle, suitcase, and glasses were strewn every which way. As I lay there dazed and confused and still wondering "why?" I happened to glance at my feet and received my answer: a shoelace loop from the carelessly tied laces on my left boot had become snagged in the empty shoelace eyelet of the carelessly tied right shoe. 
     Let my battered and bloodied chin and hands be a lesson to you all. Looking "cool" with carelessly tied boots is DANGEROUS! Those eyelet hoots at the top are there for a reason. Learn from my folly and use them! 

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