Thursday, December 29, 2011

The (Un)Toy Story!

I know this is not a mommy blog but I have a bad mom confession to make any way: I hate toys, all toys! They either have millions of pieces, are ginormous, expensive, or kids are only interest in them for about five seconds {this may be an exageration, but you get the idea}. I also live in a 1000sq foot row home, which gets cluttered very easily. Add to this the fact that I tend to get stir crazy staying in one place all day,and you can see why I need to find some alternatives! So instead of buying Maya lots of stuff, I take her out of the house to encourage creative play :) We go to different local jaunts like the Philadelphia Zoo, our local branch of the Philly Library, or other kid friendly places. Sometimes we just stay home and she writes on my couch with a black gel pen, true story.{Don’t get me wrong Maya does have some toys, but I try to get her classics or very well made stuff that will stand the test of time}. 

"High Horse" get it? ;)
 So anyway let me get off my high horse... This week as part of her Christmas gift, Maya and I went to the Please Touch Museum for the first time ever, and Maya loved it! I think we will be treating ourselves to a membership! Last year we were diehards and braved the elements to play outside. This year mama is a wimp and we need places where we can stay warm and dry. 
   So here are some pics. And here's another confession: though I do care about conservation and conscientious consumption, I also wanted you guys to see my cutie's outfit ;)After all, this is technically a fashion blog, right?!

                                                                                                   *  Kia 

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