Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Kick-Ass Christmas-Craft Party and Gifts!

Our gang of elves, created 10/12/11!
One of the things I love most about the Holidays is the parties! Christmas, New Years, and my birthday, which is Christmas Eve. Spur of the moment I decided to through myself an early party. You don’t need to plan for weeks and weeks, so it’s not to late to put together a holiday get together of your own! My friend Nate holds weekly screenings of VHS movies (and here’s the blog), and this month has been showing Christmas flicks. He gathers friends, gets some food, and pops in a tape, and presto -instant party! All you need is good friends, some food, and maybe something to do. We have time before Christmas, so what are you waiting for?!

Nathelie, Nikki, Mekissa, me, Miriam, Jess, and Brie
This past weekend I had a small birthday and Christmas party, affectionately named, “Marcie’s Kick-Ass Holiday Craft and Birthday Party.” Seeing as there are parties every weekend in December, I do concede it’s a tough time of year to get people to come to a  party, but you just have to invite lots of folks!  A little under half of who got invites were able to come, and I am so thankful they did! For this little gathering the wine flowed freely, the Christmas records spun constantly, and hands were busy making awesome crafts.

busy bees!
The inspiration for these awesome pinecone elves came from Martha Stewart’s 2009 December Magazine, but my mommy tells me they’ve been around since the 70’s. Kia, Maya, Mark, Steve, Jess, Nathalie, Miriam, Phil, Brie, Melissa, and Nikki make totally bitchin’ pinecone elves and pipe cleaner decorations!
Steve and his many stars!
All dressed up with no where to "snow"

The pipe cleaner stars are so simple! Just three take metallic pipe cleaners, cut in half, so you have six pieces, and twist in the middle! Add a ribbon, and poof (!) Christmas cheer! Also, they are super easy to bend and twist into the shape of other Christmas symbols! These elves are super easy, and kids just need a little help with the glue gun for the pinecones. Both of these crafts make sweet whimsical gifts for the holidays!

Marcie, Maya, Kia, and yes, this is my kitchen!

Kia and I recently joined the Ethical Fashion Bloggers, a group of fashion bloggers concerned with social, environmental, and all around sustainability in the world of looking stylish. Ceri, the organizer recently put out a call for Christmas/Holiday party outfits, so Kia and I submitted this pic.  Because the main activity of this party was making Christmas crafts, we went low key and casual for our attire.  I am proudly wearing a tunic dress I sewed last year using a Simplicity pattern, leggings from American Apparel, and knee high leg warmers I found in my grandma’s closet! My hat is from Krochet Kids International, a fair trade non-profit that employs women in Uganda and Peru so they can support their families. It was given to me as a birthday gift last year by my good friend, Malorie.
Kia and Maya making stars

Kia’s daughter, Maya, is attired in a tunic dress, much like mine as great minds do think alike, from the Salvation Army thrift shop. Her leggings and shoes are hand me-down favorites. Kia is sporting a fair trade scarf from Ten Thousand Villages, and her favorite denim jacket, which she has proudly owned for about a decade! Her long maxi skirt is from a fashionable Philadelphia second hand shop, Buffalo Exchange. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and Haoppy Holidays with however many parties you like!

Phil, Jessica, Stephen, Mark, Nikki, Melissa, and Miriam just starting to get their craft on!


  1. I love your Christmas outfits. Looks like a really fun party too.

  2. Thank you! It was sooooo much fun, and btw I am really enjoying the Ethical Fashion Blog, and I'm planning on getting more involved in the New Year!