Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Gift Ideas: Picture this, Sari Scarves, and Wraps that Rock!

The Gifts:
For friends and family: Framed Photos
For someone with a baby: The Sleepy Wrap
For people like people: Asha imports sari fabric accessories and home fabrics
Zoe, at MomentuM, a fairtrade shop in downtown Boulder CO

The back story: In November I was extremely grateful for the opportunity to Colorado and visit my brother Andrew, sister-in-law, Kelly, and the kids, ZoĆ«, Ashley, and baby Ginger. And, I got to hang out with my old seminary roommate, Robin, and her husband Ben, too! They all live near Boulder, which is a great city for laidback and ethical fashion.

   And this dear friends, brings us to gift idea one, framed photos of family and friends. Before I flew out to visit my family in C.O. my mom asked me to please take a family photo of the Andrew, Kelly, and the girls so she could frame it. Because of the health issues my dad had this summer, my parents haven’t been able to go out to visit the Colorado Brozyna’s and meet the new baby, Ginger. So, we duly obliged, and I’ll be printing this photo for mom and my great aunt, Vivian, for Christmas.

In this age where the vast majority of us are using digital cameras it’s so easy to take a beautiful photo only to have it perpetually remain in the digital world. There are millions of lonely desks, walls, and pianos simply crying out for some updated photos! Why should computers have all the fun? Let’s jazzy up our physical living environments with some printed paper and frames! Bring a smile to those you love and let them remember the good times ;)
Another one I need to print!
I’m a last minute Betty, so I have yet to get this photo printed, but I’ll be taking my USB to Ritz Camera. This is a good place to have either film or digit prints made. You can of course also take them to many drugstores for printing, but check online first to see who has them in store. Also, remember many no longer develop film. Additionally, if you haven’t waited to the absolute last minute, as I seem to have, you can digitally send your photos to Kodak online and they will main prints back to you.
Kelly, Ginger, and Ashley looking sassy
My trip to Colorado also inspired my second gift suggestion, the Sleepy Wrap. My sister-in-law, Kelly received one and she says it is simply the best baby wrap/carrier she has ever owned, and she’s on baby number three, so she’s tried quite a few over the years! Kelly was saying it is extremely comfortable and versatile, allowing you to wrap it different ways to safely suite the needs of you and your baby. Additionally, it comes in a myriad of colors, so you won’t get bored looking at it, which is important as parents wear it daily! One of Kelly’s favorite colors is orange, and here you can see her, Ginger, and Ashley looking cool and hanging out in downtown Boulder! 
Cute hats at MomentuM in Boulder

Fair Trade Recycled Sari Scarf Eco Scarves
Asha Imports Sari Scarf
We also went to Boulder’s awesome fair-trade home goods and accessories shop, MomentuM. They write, “The products in our store support fair trade, environmentally friendly production, independent artists and organic farming.” If you’re heading to Boulder, be sure to check it out. And for the rest of us, soon we’ll be order from their website. My favorite product from the store is my gift suggestion three, a recycled sari scarf/table runner.I purchased one of these beauties made by Asha Imports {Asha means “hope”}. They are  fairtrade and recycled, so what’s not to love?! You can order them from a couple websites, including the Green Heart Shop. Enjoy! 


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