Thursday, January 5, 2012

Tips From the Working Gal Who Forgot to Wear Pants!

Boyfriend's pants: good for work, obviously great for going out afterward  ;)  
Now, I am fully aware in neither of these pictures am I looking my best. Actually, quite the opposite! But I’m trying to make a point here, another public service announcement if you will: Looking your professional best at work whilst maintaining a carefree and fun-loving persona during your free time is tough. If you’re a “live life to the fullest” working gal or guy employed in a “professional” environment you may have some mishaps. You may perhaps forget to wear pants….
    Well, it’s not so much that I forgot to wear pants, as pack pants. Earlier this week I was excited to see my friend Malorie upon her return from Uganda, where she was employed by Invisible Children (a fantastic organization working to end the use of child soldiers in armed conflict and ultimately to help end civilian targeted warfare). My sister, boyfriend, and I met up with Malorie and our college friends Tory and Jeremy at the Victory Brew Pub. Now, this pub (with a great beer selection but sadly very wanting in its Gluten Free selection) is located about an hour from Philly, and this girl has to be up at six for work the next morning. This being the case, I packed a bag so I could stay downtown, and get more sleep.
      After a great time with Mal I dropped my sister off and retreated to Ben’s. I opened my backpack so as to hang my clothes for work the next day, and guess what I saw! Or to my absolute horror, guess what I didn’t see! Look at the photo above! It was PANTS! I neglected to bring pants.  A shirt I had, even tights were there. But pants? Nope. At one o’clock Tuesday morning I was faced with the grim visualization of me at work attired in nothing more than a maroon cowl-neck, black tights, and sensible shoes.This was not an option. My mind raced and I looked over at my slim and trim boyfriend. Idea time! Borrow Ben’s pants!

A nice little back shot. You too could look this good, but if this isn't your style read on for help!
I think given the circumstances I looked pretty darn OK. However, this situation is obviously not ideal. In order to help others avoid the fate of wearing men’s chino’s pulled up past their belly button, I have compiled a list of preventative measures for the young professional who just might forget to wear pants to work….

1.   (Suggested my mother, Patti) Leave a work appropriate outfit at work! Specifically, keep tights, a basic skirt that that works with most tops, a basic shirt, and a pair of pants! Do leave your favorite stuff at work because you’ll miss those if they’re out of rotation. Just leave something that fits and matches allot in your wardrobe! While you’re at it, leave a tooth brush and paste, too! This really is the ultimate solution, but I’d like to offer some additional backup options.
2.   Make friends with reliable and generous people at work who are of your same relative size. Even better, make friends with others who are your size and share your sense of style. Get their phone number. When sans pants, make use of this number.
3.   Find a significant other who is your same general size/build. Obviously same sex couples have the clothing sharing advantage here, but heteros can make it work, too. Just understand that the clothes probably won’t fit perfectly, but employ belts and a good sense of humor. Be thankful you’re not wearing tights. 


  1. Love it! Love you, Marcie! I miss you!

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