Monday, January 16, 2012

Thank You and Best Wishes to Kia!

Nine months ago my friend Kia and I decided to create a blog about our friendship and mutual love of Philly and fashion, and it's been fun! Making plans and going on “Fashion Fieldtrips” around town we had allot of good times and laughs. Kia’s toddler Maya added to the fun with her smiles and giggles. A few weeks ago Kia let me know she has decided to move on to other projects in her life, and I want to wish Kia and her family the best! I suspect Kia and Maya will still show up in some posts (actually, as I have yet to published all of our “Fashion Fieldtrips” I know for a fact these gals will appear again ;) So thank you again to my friend and former partner for your ideas and your work! I look forward to having coffee with you soon!
     With Kia’s retirement I will be taking on a new partner, my long-time friend, Melissa! We look forward to expanding the mission of CareWearShare so you can plan on reading more ever so witty posts meant to promote a sound, stylish, and sustainable life! Thank you!


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