Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Our Unexpected Adventures in Fabric Row

Wilbur Vintage & Designer Clothing
Marcie and I recently went down to Fabric Row, which is right below 4th and South, so I could get some material and a pattern to begin a skirt project (Note to self, don’t go to Fabric Row at 4:50pm on a Friday). When we got there the fabric stores were either closing or already closed. But, we noticed that there were a few shops still open and those shops were second hand stores. I love second hand shops but never knew there were so many on Fabric Row. One of the good things about the second hand shops is that there is a price point for everyone. We visited three shops on 4th Street and each shop was unique.

Rockers Closet

The first shop we visited was Rockers Closet, at 818 South 4th Street. Its price points reminded me of the thrift shops I went to as a child, which were wonderfully low. The shop is new so the inventory is still being built up, but there are good deals to be had. Interesting item of note: the proprietor runs an in-store alteration station. Also, I bought a-line knee length wool skirt for 4 dollars so I was happy.  :)
Decades Vintage

The next shop, Decades Vintange at 723 South 4th, would be a high-end vintage shop. It had designer vintage duds, glitzy baubles, and it was fantastically over the top. The proprietor told us of a shipment she recently obtained from a woman who lived down the street from Gianni Versace in the 80’s. The pieces weren’t Versace, but the clothes were definitely reminiscent of that time period- very luxe, very gold, very strong shoulders. It was maaarvelous, and there is lots to be had. But, you do really need to be patient and sort through to find items that are wearable now. 

Wilbur Vintage & Designer Clothing

The last shop we ventured in was WilburVintage/DesignerClothing,at 716 South 4th Street, and was a favorite of both Marcie and myself. It was the most well rounded shop, with a well edited selection, great prices, and a loungy, cool, relaxed atmosphere. The layout was thoughtfully spaced for easy browsing, which is especially important to me as a mom shopping with a young child. The prices were very reasonable, and I could get a lot of cool pieces at once without break the bank. The proprietor mentioned how he carefully inspects each piece before he adds it to the collection. And,I believe him because there was nada stain, or hole to be seen.      

Before I go, I wanted to give a little shout out to our CareWearShare roady, Maya B. She has been soooo patient. I’m sure she’d rather be practicing saying “NO” or putting lipstick on walls. We love ya girl. I also wanted to give myself a pat on the back for being a good friend;) The day we went thrifting was a beautiful day but it became very cold.  I risked being arrested by the fashion police, put on my husband’s 3X rhinestone encrusted orange Ed Hardy jacket, and  let Marcie wear my cute fitted black leather jacket. Having worn a very thin Members Only type jacket so Marcie was freezing her petunia off. My only saving grace was the fact the orange in the Ed Hardy jacket did work with my clothes. I risked it all because I really like Marcie; she’s one fab and fashionable gal.



  1. Susan Bergin/ PocketbookMay 5, 2011 at 6:14 PM

    I love your blog! Come visit at the Philadelphia Flea Market this Saturday at 22nd and Fairmount. I will be in space # 53 on the curb of 22nd street near Aspen street ( one block up from Fairmount) I sell in NYC at the Antiques Garage and sell a mix of gently used Designer and Vintage. My company name is Pocketbook. My name is Susan Bergin. I'd love to meet you in person!

  2. Thank you! We will try and check it out, and if we get there we'll certainly stop by and say hi!!!