Thursday, May 12, 2011

Fashion Confession

Pssst, I have a secret……
I just bought 2 Liz Lange Maternity dresses from Target .

Liz Lange maternity dress for  Target
 No, I’m not pregnant. I just like the way the dresses looked, so I bought them, and I love them. They look better than most non maternity sundresses and they were cheap, $22.00 a piece. If you just can’t bring yourself to venture into the maternity section if you’re not with child, here are a couple non maternity options: 1)Anthropologie,  2).Urban Outfitters

Liz Lange maternity dress for  Target

What’s your Fashion confession? I know you have one. Do you secretly like harem pants? Guys is your favorite pant cut pleats?  


1 comment:

  1. My confession isn't something I wear, but rather something I want to wear - cute pajamas! Womens pajama pants are too short for me, so I end up buying mens, and my last pair just ripped in the knee. I wish I had cute pajamas :-)