Monday, May 9, 2011

Weekend Thrifting

Trevor's Thrift Store

I went to 2 thrift shops over the weekend; the 1st was near my old stomping grounds in the Overbrook section of Philadelphia,"What up Hill Top"(JK,I don't talk like that:)).I went to Trevor's thrift shop located at 6208 Lancaster Ave, Philadelphia, PA. I personally love a neighborhood thrift store because that’s where you find your real Jewels.I found a cute wrap dress for $5.Yes it's polyester but I can style it up to make it look like it cost $10.

Trevor's Thrift Store


I also was drooling over the colors in this dashiki. The blue was sooo vibrant,but it was too big. I could cut it down to fit but I'd loose too much of the fabulous pattern, so I decided not to get it, boohoo.

Salvation Army Thrift Store

The second store I went into was a the Good Will on 2601 S Front street,Philadelphia,PA 19148.I found a lovely Benetton Chambray blazer for $6 dollars, woohoo! 

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