Wednesday, November 23, 2011

To loc, or not to loc.

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  Every 3 months I complete a ritual of hair doing. I’ve done this since I was 15 years old. Every 3 months I braid my hair in the same exact style; waist length braids with a part done the middle. I’m not complaining about the style, I love the style it’s my trade mark.I am complaining about the process of maintaining the style. 
   I wear extensions to create my length and it takes me at least 4 hours to take my braids out. I have naturally very tightly curled hair (AKA nappy), so it takes me an hour to wash my hair. It also takes me an hour to dry it and straighten it in preparation of re-braiding it.  I then have to braid my hair, that takes 8 hours or 2 chick flicks, 4 Sex And The City episodes, and 2 hour long shows most recently Mad Men (Don Draper is so dreamy). Thankfully I only do this every 3 months or I’d shave my head bald. Now that I have a toddler it is even harder. A 2 y/o and pampering yourself for 14 hours don’t mix.
   So I have been contemplating over a year now about locking my hair. I know there is maintenance but at least I don’t have to take my hair out anymore. It is permanent but I’m fine with that, I’ve had the same hairstyle since I was 15 and I’m 33. So my only hold up is the length. I don’t have waist length hair but I love the look on me. Ah, decision, decisions. What are you doing with your hair? 



Friday, November 11, 2011

Warning! This Wardrobe Malfunction could happen to YOU! Yes You!

     Last week I went to visit my brother, sister  in-law, and three fabulous nieces, and I had a spectacular time! But this post isn't about that (those posts will fallow :) This post an urgent Public Service Announcement: 

When wearing lace-up boots tie laces through all "eyelets"! I repeat, tie laces around all eyelets (or hooks)! 

    Heading to Ben's from the airport I failed to do so; I wanted to be all casual and cool. Big mistake! As I merrily stepped along in my MOMA boots (usually big bucks but purchased at Platos Closet for $35 dollars ;) and pulling my suitcase behind me, I reached Ben's charming little street and quickened my pace. And then, whoooooosh! Suddenly I was flying through the air. As I was hurling through space in a state of horror my mind cried out, "why?" as my mouth cried out, "AHHHHHHH!" Moments later my face and hands were crashing into the pavement and my Sigg bottle, suitcase, and glasses were strewn every which way. As I lay there dazed and confused and still wondering "why?" I happened to glance at my feet and received my answer: a shoelace loop from the carelessly tied laces on my left boot had become snagged in the empty shoelace eyelet of the carelessly tied right shoe. 
     Let my battered and bloodied chin and hands be a lesson to you all. Looking "cool" with carelessly tied boots is DANGEROUS! Those eyelet hoots at the top are there for a reason. Learn from my folly and use them! 

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween Costumes: Not just what you know but who you know!

Charlotte and Ella, sailing the high seas of fashion! 
Sometimes for truly awesome Halloween costumes a mix and match of old, new, store bought, hand-me-down, and home-made is the best approach! As evidence of this, I turn to my friend, Jena, and her two little girls. This Halloween Jena went on a veritable treasure hunt to find just the right pieces so Charlotte and Ella could fly the skull and cross bones with pride. Here's Jena's map to pure Halloween gold! Many thanks to Jena and the girls! 
Looking for the ocean! My sweet girls love to Reuse and Recycle, and that's why we love Halloween! There are so many ways to creatively use things you already have. The octopus is an amazing hand me down from a cousin, which I've been holding onto ever since Charlotte was a baby. And it was the perfect fit for Ella when Charlotte decided to forgo the princess route and become a tough pirate! Her pirate costume is a compilation of scraps that my Aunt and Grandmother had laying with the sewing. I also found an old jacket pattern from Easters past! With five dollars for the jacket fabric and one dollar for the hat at the dollar store, we say Jack Sparrow, eat your heart out!!!!

The State Penitentiary and Why I'm joining Amnesty International

Glad to have a pic with Ben and Jake, not too thrilled by the creepy guy lurking in the shadows...
Halloween party continued:

So here is where write that at the party, in a very a-typical  Marcie manner I did end up going to the “haunted” State Penitentiary. As I imagined, it scared the crap out of me. The only reason I managed to make it through was because Ben held my hand and had my back, and my new friend, Jake, graciously allowed me to hold the arm of his jacket so I could keep him firmly in front of me. In this manner, I managed to only have a few inches of myself exposed to the scary dressed-up masochists running around the place.
I knew I was going to be scared, but I hadn’t anticipated the experience would also make me sad, sad that all over the world people are murdered, tortured, held unfairly, imprisoned without a trial, and are may be taken advantage of because they are ill or unwell.  I'm sad this is a part of our nation's past and still a piece our present. As psychopaths jumped out darkened corners making me heart beat faster, it occurred to me, we Americans find this entertaining because for most of us it’s so out of our everyday context.
 I don’t think people living in countries with totalitarian, autocratic, or unstable governments, human beings who live in fear of soldiers or police coming in the night, or those who’ve been in American mental institutions, nursing homes, or Abu Grave, are eager to jump in jail for a fun little romp ‘round.  As I tightened my death-grip on Ben’s hand and Jake’s jacket, and witnessed a “prisoner” being “electrocuted” I vowed to make like Bono, and start donating money to Amnesty International!
Now in spite of the irregular heart palpitations, I’m glad I came along; it can be fun to be scared and I enjoyed being with friends. I just want to offer up a reminder that those of use who are blessed be free should do what we can and remember the many who are not. There are people, churches, and non -profits who work to bring justice, and they could use our support. Let’s enjoy Halloween thrills and chills and do what we can to help those who are living lives that are truly scary. 

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween Party Time!

Robot Ben H. proud winner of the night's costume contest
The other week friends of ours, Jenn and Dominic, hosted a Halloween party, complete with costumes, tasty treats, mauled cider, and a trip to the State Penitentiary. Now, as I do love Halloween, but do not enjoy being frightened I had no plans on joining the party into the bowels of the prison. Ah, but things seldom go as planned {but more on that later…}

Jenn, the hostess with the mostest
Earlier in the week I acquired an 80’s jazzy jazz witch top at Past and Present in Mount Airy, which I coupled with black stretchy pants, a classic witch hat, and a wee little broom.  Jenn was keeping her costume a surprise. And when my boyfriend, Ben (who wore IN-Security guard jacket of his own creation ;) arrived at the fete, we discovered Jenn had created a cute and appropriately creepy baby-doll persona. 
Dominic's so scary, I want my mummy!

Her dress was a carefully chosen secondhand little number. Her boyfriend Dominic donned a homemade mummy costume, constructed out of long-johns and ripped cloth. 

Jake's Lederhosen made with love, by Grams!
I was quite fond of the costume worn by Jake,an absolutely lovely lederhosen sewn decades ago by his grandmother. Apparently it was not leather, but one of the first pleather incarnations! Hats off to Grandma because anyone who sews knows what a pain working in pleathure can be!

PCOM partygoers! 
Naturally this party had a costume contest, which brings me to the most creative costume of all, the robot by Ben H {pictured at top}. Inspired by LCD Sound System’s video for Home (video is great, but not suitable for young kids), Ben constructed this costume from cardboard, venting, duct-tape, and silver spray-paint. It was an industrial masterpiece, in which he managed to do everything, from dancing to traversing the haunted halls of the Penitentiary.  The only thing he couldn’t do was sit….
dance dance party party

 By the time I took the picture at the top the haunted halls had taken their toll, and  our robot friend showed some signs of wear and tare. But, as you can see even in this condition, R2D2 and Johnny Five would still be proud! Both at the party and in the prison Robot Ben, seen to your right -------->
busting a move, was quite the hit! 

Then this party moved our costumed behinds to the Penitentiary... {more to come...}

Mr. "In-Security" and I


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween is a time to shine for moms with BA's in ART!

Charlie as Boba Fett and Lucy as an Elmo Princess, 2011

Kristen, Charlie, and Lucy 2010
Halloween is over, but I still want to showcase some of my favorite costumes from this year {I've tucked away a few for next years entries, too}. So, you don't need an art degree to create costumes like this, but it helps! Once you take a look at the adorable costumes made by my friend Kristen, I think you'll agree! Back in College Kristen and I took a wearable art class, where the human body became the "canvas" and fabric, the "paint." 

Charlie, as Thomas the Tank Engine, 2008
When I saw the quality and variety of the costumes Kristen made for her children, Charlie and Lucy, my mind went back to our times scouring the campus for unusual materials and bursts of inspiration {of course, back then our projects were more avant garde}. Take a look at these outfits, all, save for Batman, made by Kristen. Let them help inspire you for next year! Thank you, Kristen, and enjoy!

Charlie as the family dog,  Breezer, 2007
Lucy as a cupcake, 2010