Friday, March 2, 2012

“Leap Day comes around every four years, but a girl like you only once in a life time.”

This is real life! Actor Dan Hodge kissing his new fiance, Krista, at the end of Wednesday's "The Mousetrap."
 I am a huuuuge Agatha Christie fan, and for those of you who happen to be under ninety who probably aren’t familiar with the delightful Dame Aggie, she happens to be the most published author of all time!{check out her books here!} Quintessentially British, she wrote in the post WWI era, and penned delightfully wry and astute observations of human nature throughout her works. 

       Philly’s Walnut Street Theater is rapping up their rendition of her murder mystery The Mouse Trap, with their last show being March 4th. This play just  happens to be, “the longest running show of any kind, in the world,” and Wednesday, the elusive February 29th, Melissa, my sister Tegan, and I sat in the cheap seats (ten bucks!) for this delightful “who dun it.”    Walnut St’s rendition was solid. And, I must say it was a joy and a delight to spend time with two of my favorite gals and be pulled into quaint 1950’s England- it’s looks,  humor, words, mannerisms, and murders (their murders of course being allot more civilized than ours…)
        At the curtain call the actors of course requested we keep the secret of the identity of our diabolical murderer, and of course I will. But one surprise I must share! Wednesday night’s audience was treated to an event I suppose those who go for the remaining performances shall not get to see- the proposal of Dan Hodge (who played Giles Ralston) to his totally shocked and thrilled girlfriend, Krista! The crowd was equally wooed as Mr. Hodge got on one knee and declared, “Leap Day comes around every four years, but a girl like you only once in a life time.” As if the crowd could have loved the couple more, they promptly dropped the ring and upon recovering it, both remained on one knee. Love, delightful love, and an ending Aggie would have been proud of! Go check it out while there’s still time! 


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  1. The proposal definitely made the night. It was super fun! I also heart Agatha Christie...maybe I'm just gullible but I never can guess who the murderer is going to be!