Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Kia and Marcie, Marcie and Kia… a Brand-new Friendship

Kia and I met in late 2009 at our place of employment. Though we work in different departments, we are frequently brought together to work on a common task. It was on these occasions I had the opportunity to get to know Kia better, and I liked her more and more each time we talked. It was her warmth and wiliness to think I was funny were what first drew me in ;) But, as I’ve gotten to know Kia better I’ve been impressed with her intelligence, her tact, her ability to be supportive, and her talents as a professional and as wife and mother. Of course, I have always been impressed by her fashion. Kia’s fashion is awesome. She exists as an elegant mix of classy and funky, a combination not easily found. This love of fashion is one of our first bonds, and a source of fun for us both. When we first began talking about possibly doing a joint blog, part of our excitement was the idea of being able to spend more time together, letting our friendship grow as we explore the fashion fun Philadelphia has to offer. I’m excited, very excited.  
* Marcie *

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